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New Ancestral Christmas Stocking

OK so. This is my first sock, and I’m at the gusset part and I’m very confused. I’ve turned the heel. And I have 18 stitches on a bamboo needle and 32 on a karbonz needle (helps me keep them straight). I am confused on the next step(s) and how the stitch count math works out…help? I also don’t know how much of the pattern I can share here but it is an MDK pattern.

Edit: I was impatient and commented on another stocking topic but I would happily take any gusset heel advice anyone has.

I think you would best be served by going into the KNIT CHATS website. You post your request for help and a knitting teacher gets back to you (that day and usually quickly). The teachers are in different time zones so it is rarely too early or too late. It is still a FREE service for 15 minutes of help with audio and visual. Good luck!!