Christmas Stocking KAL

A Stocking Knitalong Begins August 19

This is the sort of project that has an extremely specific deadline, so in the interest of encouraging completion, we’re planning a quick knitalong so you can get this thing done with a gigantic margin, allowing a lot of time for you to glory in the success of it all.

Join us on Friday, August 19, noon Eastern time, for a kickoff Zoom during which we can talk through the particulars of the pattern. Sign up for this free event here, and we’ll email you a link on Friday morning, August 19.

We’ll keep this Stocking-along to a quick two weeks, because a) it’s a quick knit and b) it feels great to finish this stocking so early in the season.

We worked up 3 special kits you can find here. It includes four skeins of MDK Atlas, enough to make two stockings if you’re OK with using the colors in a different order for your second stocking. The PDF pattern download includes the colorwork chart, the alphabet chart, and complete instructions.

Happy knitting!


Just ordered my kit. I can’t wait to start!!


This looks so fun but also super scary! I’m afraid to try.:disappointed:

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Oh , don’t be scared to try … it is knitting. One step and stitch at a time . The very first thing I ever knit ( I taught myself from a magazine in the 80s that had an adorable vest with a duplicate stitch or intarsia heart on it for a toddler . My youngest was about 8 months old and I made her that little vest. Back when all you had to go on was written pattern . I just sat down and did what it said! And I used straight needle and the only length circular needle I could find at the five and dime! I didn’t know what I did for the neckline was what everyone now calls magic loop! I called it make due with what I had! Lol! Really though with all the resources available now, getting help when something is confusing makes it easier. And it is easy to rip out boo boos. I say if you like it and want to make it, go for it. I’m sure you can do it.


We’re here to help and cheer you!


I’ve never done a sock on two circulars. Is there some benefit to this way over dpns or a sock circular?

This is going to be so much fun! (Even if I missed the start of the KAL.) A few questions, related to finishing. (1) Do you suggest that we wet block the stocking when we’re finished? and (2) Assuming we wet block, how color safe is the Atlas yarn? and (3) If not, is there something we should do to the red and dark green yarn before we start?



I’m excited to try the stocking — I just got my kit. But I’m confused by the need for two circular needles. Can I just knit the stocking on double points? Does it matter?

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Hi Kelly!
You can use whichever in-the-round method that you prefer!
What a fun KAL.

I have finished my stocking but I can’t find anywhere to post or to see others contributions. Please advise

Me too! I’d love to see others’ finished stockings.

You can post them to the Ravelry page or here! I and we would love to see them :smile: