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New ancestral Christmas Stocking sides

Any tips on how to keep the sides neat… at the needle switch?

I have it inside out…the floats look lovely. The sides? Not so much. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or is it the nature of the beast?


You might wish to use a longer and more flexible cable if you’re using the magic loop technique - or pull more firmly if you are knitting with DPNs.
Hope this is helpful!

Can you post close-up photos?

You may find it all takes care of itself when washed and blocked. But it’s possible to vary exactly where the needle change hapens, over one sooner or one later stitch, to avoid the gaps. I find magic loop is more of a problem with gaps than classic DPNs. Alsp, there is no rule that says you have to only have 4 dpns plus working needle, so it may smooth out more with 5 or 6 dpns plus working needle.

Can I trouble y’all with a (probably some…) question about this pattern? It’s my first time attempting a sock shaped item and I’m perplexed. I’ve just completed the heel flap and I’m reading the instructions for the gusset and I’m confused…the math isn’t adding up or I just don’t understand what’s supposed to happen next.

I have 32 stitches on a karbonz needle (needle 2) and 18 on a bamboo needle (needle 1 that worked the heel flap) then I’m supposed to pick up 12 stitches along an edge of the heel flap (with which needle?) and one increase and then I’m supposed to have 47 stitches on needle 1 and 16 stitches on needle 2. Even if you swap the needles (which I don’t see directions to do so in this part of the pattern), the math doesn’t work?

Oh boy…I think I just figured it out but I’m not positive…so I have 18 stitches on needle 1. Pick up 12 stitches as if I was still knitting on needle 1-30 stitches, increase and then k16…47 stitches with the k16 coming off of needle 2.

OK never mind, but y’all I’m an engineer and I’ve been stuck on this for almost a week… :woozy_face:


I use an empty needle to pick up the stitches, and so end up with stitches on 4 needles when all is said and done and the stitches are in a wibbly circle.
Then I rearrange them.
I think that you may have it now, but if not, this is a great place for asking!


OK. I’ve done that particular step. The next one says to transfer the first 9 heel turn stitches on needle 1(bamboo) to needle 2 (karbonz). So 9 of the stitches I just knit off of the karbonz needle go back on to the karbonz needle? And then with the other end of needle 2 I will pick up the stitches down the other side of the heel flap?

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Yes, and this sets you up on 3 needles.

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OK one more question and I think I can figure out the rest of it. So I transfer 9 stitches to the karbonz needle, needle 2. But then, using needle 2, I knit 16 (starting with the 9 I just scooted over?) then m1 then pick up 12 on the other side?

Thank you so much…I owe you cookies or stitch markers or something!!!

You can transfer the 9 by knitting them onto the new needle, then the yarn end is ready for the m1 and pick-up.
You may still need to arrange the stitches on the needles. : )
Happy to help you!! ~N

OK so here’s where I am…the position of the working yarn is confusing me. If I just transfer the stitches back on to the karbonz needle, the working yarn is 9 stitches away. Are you saying to purl back the 9 stitches almost like a short row without the turn?

Knit across those 9 stitches with the red yarn. You are now working in the round.
: )

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Right, I get that I’m knitting in the round again but I’m confused by he part where if I keep knitting, without having transferred 9 of the shiny new red stitches from the bamboo needle to the karbonz needle, I will just keep knitting to the left around the green part. Should I just complete the round maybe and pick up the stitches on the other side of the heel flap and then adjust?

Knit across the stitches with the other end of the needle that they are already on and then continue with that needle to pick up the gusset.
Are you using the circulars as though they are DPS, or are you keeping each section on the same needle?
Also, I am travelling tomorrow and will be away from the Lounge. You can do this!

I’m trying to folllow the pattern (two circs) since this is my first sock and I have no idea how to modify for DPNs. Also…don’t love DPNs…

I still don’t quite understand how to knit to the right to transfer the 9 stitches to the other needle outside of purling those 9 stitches. This dang transfer situation is now my sticking point.

Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your assistance (and patience :joy:)

Also an engineer, here, then a costumer. Reading your post answers, yet again, why I do short row, or commercial style, heels. :smile_cat: But, i think you did work it out right. Remember that you can always choose to add more needles to make life easier.

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LOL thanks…I just can’t figure out this dang part of the pattern. And that frustrates me. I am hoping to explore YouTube and see if I can get some ideas. I know there are different heel methods but since his is my first rodeo, trying to follow the pattern.

There is a well written sock pattern by fighead that seems to gave good quality instructions for even different yarn weights etc.

I think part of it is that flap heels always have to HAVE TO HAVe more stitches right exactly where you pick up along the two SIDES of the flap, then knit across the end of it. Then you spend a bunch of rows getting rid of the extras one at a time on each side until tou return to the number needed for the instep. That’s what the gusset is. So…tge math will never add up as you first think it should.


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Yeah I just can’t figure out this transfer of 9 stitches. I might look at it tonight and try to figure it out and then might just complete the round and then shift the needles around. It’s just a Christmas stocking, no ones actually going to wear it. I’m just annoyed I can’t figure it out.

Maybe graph it out? I don’t have the pattern so not sure how much help I could be.