New Ancestral Christmas Stocking Blocking

I have made 3 of these stockings so far as I’m gearing up for the holidays. I love the pattern so much! But it’s time to finish these guys, and I’m a little stuck on the finishing portion of the pattern. How have others blocked them? Should I soak in wool wash and pin and air dry, or use an iron and the steaming method? Or both? I’ve googled blocking fair isle, but haven’t found anything very helpful. Blocking is always my least favorite part, but it makes such a huge difference. I would love any suggestions!

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Oh, I can’t wait to see them! I’d go with steaming, which would allow you to set the stitches without creating a crease.


Ditto on the steam blocking. It will even out your stitches and make everything lie flat. You’re not likely to need to wash Christmas stockings anyway, so if you didn’t wash and block a swatch (do we ever if it’s not a sweater?) you won’t have to worry about colors running.

I received a test knit Christmas stocking back, and it had been wet blocked. The white was slightly pink! It didn’t show in the photos, thank goodness. I’ve only ever steam blocked my Christmas stockings.

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