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Lining the New Ancestral

The pattern mentions lining the stockings for ease of loading and unloading the swag. Did anyone do this? If so, how did you go about it and what fabric did you use?

Hi there, I don’t visit the lounge often enough but I have lined knit things before with success.
If you use woven( most) fabric there will be little too no give. Knit fabric will give similar to your knit stocking.
Turn your finished stocking inside out trace the outline and add 1/4, or 1/2 inch of you are not a confident sewer, seam allowance on the side and a good inch on the top. Machine or hand sew the sides of the fabric stocking right sides together. Since this is not a garment it’s ok if the lining is a bit looser then the knit part.
Now turn your knit stocking back right side out and put your fabric sock which should be wrong side out, inside the knit sock and snuggle it in you will fit the seams where the front and back center of your sock would be when flat. Now turn in the top depending on how far you want it to peak out or not and hand stitch to the knitting. After that you could on a few strategic spots sew a few stitches to fasten the lining to the toe and heal part. Then fill with goodies.


Thank you! That sounds completely doable.

The suggestion made was valid. I would only add that a slippery knit like tricot lining (think old fashioned slips or some underwear) will be lightweight and easy to use for you as you maje it, and the recipient as they unload the swag. Also, cheaper costume grade tricot will do the job.