Hitofude in Gleem lace

Good evening, I’ve just wound my Gleem lace in preparation for making the Hitofude cardigan. Has anyone undertaken this project? I have a question about the pattern and could use some guidance!

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I made the Hitofude cardigan earlier this year! I was able to get my size in 2 skeins of wollmeise. It was an exciting game of yarn chicken and I was weighing the yarn like crazy for the last little bit. While my yarn is by no means lace weight, that may not matter for your question.
I would be happy to talk about this delightful and very interesting project.

I think I’m good on the yarn.

I just went back to the pattern to figure out my question and it suddenly became crystal clear - I do the rib at each edge, then work the pattern. I think the first time I read it I was totally confused.

You are very kind to reach out - may I contact you with questions as I go along?

Happy holiday season,

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I knit my Hitofude six years ago, still wear it frequently. I added a repeat to the sleeves to make them longer and used an alternate pattern that eliminated the stockinette panels. The construction was challenging to grasp!

Thanks, I haven’t started it yet, wanted to wait until after the holidays to block a few things first. I’ll be casting on next week -