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Rowan Denim - What Sweater to Knit?

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would have advice or guidance on knitting a Rowan Denim sweater. I bought about 20 skeins of black denim when I saw they were phasing it out and now am having trouble deciding what to knit! I’m leaning towards something like this: Ravelry: Anton sweater pattern by Yuko shimizu
But with wider shoulders and maybe more cabling. Anyway I would love to hear your thoughts if you have the time.
Thank you so much,


Kay just did Ravelry: HANA pattern by Junko Okamoto in Denim and it looks like it is pretty awesome. There are a bunch of patterns designed for it too if you search on Ravelry.

I got a bunch of black denim too to make a sweater for my husband since he does not love wool, but I’m thinking of doing Hana for myself now that I see what Kay did.


Lots of great ideas at Ravelry . Enjoy going down the rabbit hole!
I looked at Rowan Denim, went into Projects, then Advanced Search & selected sweater projects only. Link takes you directly to the saved search.


You might also visit Knitrowan website for additional patterns. The denim yarns are designed to shrink so you need to be careful when working with a pattern not designed specifically for the yarn. I did it once and it was a disaster. Many of the older Rowan patterns are free, there’s also a book or two, out there with pattern for denim yarn. Check eBay, or ask around. Also older Rowan biannual pattern books. Good luck as it’s a great yarn.

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There is a Scottish cardigan by Casapinka that would look smashing in the black Rowan Denim. It hangs hip length, has some cables, but an easy relaxed silhouette. I think it’s actually called Scottish cardigan, but check her Ravelry page in sweaters, cardigans. Ps…lovely yarn I have handled in a client’s finishing project, but will split if you are using those super-pointy needles. Classic Addi turbos did better.

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Thank you all so much! I’m still perusing. Your ideas are very helpful :slight_smile: