Reusing Denim Yarn - First Timer

Dear Collective Brain,
I was able to score an old Artwork sweater that I plan to deconstruct for purpose of knitting with Rowan Denim. Kay’s love affair and posts have inspired me - I just have to try this. Plus the sweater is a man’s large (I think) with a center line of baubles, so something must be done to rescue this yarn.

Appreciate any advice plus how to deal with the inevitable kinky yarn!! Thanks in advance.


Wrap the yarn Into skeins, wash, hang to dry, turn into balls or skeins, knit!

That’s a cool sweater, though.

And remember, if the sweater has already been machine washed and dried, you don’t have to allow for the 15% shrinkage in length as you do with Rowan denim yarn. Make sure any pattern you choose doesn’t have that shrink factor figured in.

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This is great advice, I wouldn’t have thought to take that into consideration.

You also have the benefit of recycled denim yarn not turning your hands and needles blue from the indigo dye!