illusive butterfly shawl

Has any one made the Illusive Butterly shawl by Steven Plummer? I am about ready to yell UNCLE! I can’t seem to get the count to work out. In fact I can’t even get beyond Ridege 5. I am not new to illusion knitting and I didn’t think I was new to mitering or reading charts but this has me flumoxed.

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A number of people have made it, and some have made notes. Mainly to be careful with your counting. Good luck :wink:

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I think I have it worked out. I have made tons of notes and will share soon.

Thank you for your response. I did finish the main part of the shawl. On to the edging. I combed back through the pattern and seemed to be able to narrow my problem down to Ridge 1 row two. Once I made a singe decrease at the end of this row it worked for the rest of the chart. I used lots of markers and the thing that seemed to help the most was to keep the decreases in the center around the mitre in sync with the decreases at the ends. I also used two 60" circular needles until I could safely put the stitches onto two straight needles. Oh and I also wrote out the chart in English. I usually don’t have trouble reading charts but this one printed very small and I couldn’t seem to enlarge it so I wrote it out. I actually love the pattern and plan to make another. This one is for my son’ts girl friend to match the yellow butterfly tattoo on her back!