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Had trouble leaving a comment, but finaly figured out. Like the article .

I also couldn’t leave a comment about the USPS. I hope that this is the right place to leave a comment. I loved reading all the comments that others wrote. Perhaps one of my memories about sending and receiving packages occurred last year during covid. I couldn’t find bread flour anywhere in Syracuse but finally was able to order some online. When it finally arrived I was able to use it to bake 2 large and one small challah to send to my daughter to use for my grandson’s bris (ritual circumcision ceremony)which was going to be held on zoom. I overnighted the package and you could still smell the aroma when I delivered the package to the post office. The package arrived the next day, in plenty of time for my daughter and family to use for the ceremony! I told her it was the most expensive challah she would ever eat!