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I read Kay’s letter on sleeveless tops and body shaming with great interest and knew I had read an article of interest recently… and tidying the shelf under the coffee table this morning, I found the article I had ripped from the 26 Nov 2018 Toronto Globe and Mail. It’s the First Person essay, The Right to Bare Arms or Why Is My Body No Longer Socially Acceptable? by Katherine Covell. Here’s a link


Last week I stumbled upon something that I think is important to the knitting community and wanted to share. The folks at Arnall-Culliford have announced a long-term closure to their business. I won’t go into details here, rather encourage you to read the Jan 14, 2022, post at www.actechniques.co.k on the blog. (It is listed under the INFORMATION tab.)

If you have been putting off one of their books, now would be the perfect time to purchase it. I am sure that words of encouragement to them would be appreciated.