Max Daniels and the Fine Art of Self-care

This sensible life coach launches her new column with “Self-care: What Are We Really Talking About?” Such a good question!

Loved reading her, wish you two had shared her sooner!!

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I am so grateful to know about Max Daniels, her message is spot on for me. I’ve subscribed to her newsletter - which is informative, diverse and rather amusing.
Thank you for making this connection happen!

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Bless Mason-Dixon knitting and Max Daniels. After reading her first piece, I went to her website to read more about her. While there, I read about her inspiration, Gillian Riley and her book, “Eat Less…”. I went to that website, read about her, read about her books, and downloaded that one to my kindle. I have read it twice now and I feel as if she wrote the book with me in the room, responding to her questions. This is the first book EVER, that actually felt as if it was all about me and my issues with food.

After subscribing to Max Daniels’ newsletters I learned about a phone call conference she planned to hold last week. I signed up for that as well. During that she discussed the premise and techniques of “Eating Less”. That reinforced and illuminated various aspects of the book for me, and was very helpful.

Who would have thought that my knitting addiction would result in my finally finding the answer for how to deal with eating addictions? As I said at the beginning of this, bless M-D Knits blog, and Max Daniels!


I was thrilled to see another uplifting message from Max in this morning’s inbox.
<3 Subscribe, y’all!


Oh you guys! I am verklempt at your kind words.

This is how I feel about Gillian Riley and EL, too. She’s smart, she gets it, she gets straight to the core, and she’s got something really simple, elegant and DOABLE to work with. I’ve taught people a lot of ways to eat, break habits, lose weight and be mindful, but I have never seen anything like EL. It’s all I use now.