Love the Appleseed Mitt pattern!

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Starting my second mitt! It took me three tries to finally get it right but once I got it, I couldn’t stop! The first one took just a day to complete!


Wonderful! These mitts are my next cast-on.

First I’m stopping by the LYS to get some of those Addi flips to try out. Not sure I’m up for cabling with dpns.

Please could I get further clarification on Appleseed Coasters? I’m aware of the Errata re: Row 5 (adding k1) however, everything after the * differs from the pattern as written in the book.
Not sure which version to follow; or is the end result the same?!? Thank you in advance for your help;)

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These are really beautiful. I am just starting mine and am confused by the cufff which is listed as a 1x1 rib but then in pattern it says work in 1x2 rib. Is it a misprint in the stitch patterns part or the pattern or is there something else I am not getting ? Thanks for any help!

I would like to get clarification on the correct needle sizes for this pattern. In the pattern notes it says to use the smaller needle size for the cable pattern and the larger size for the hand section. Then the instructions state to cast on with the larger needles and continue with the cable pattern and to switch to the smaller needles for the hand pattern.
I would assume the instructions are correct and the note was in error.
Can anyone clarify this?

The cables are worked with the larger needle, then the smaller needle is used for the hand. I see that the note is incorrect -smaller should changed to larger- but the gauge information and the directions are spot on.

I’m new as of today. Could someone tell me where to find the errata for the Appleseed coasters and mitts? I have already made one and am on my second.

This is a bit of a late reply, but I’m doing the Appleseed coasters at the moment and found the same thing in row 5. The way I adjusted it was to add the k1 at the start, and take the repeat is to the last 3 sts:
k1-tbl, k1, p1, k1, p2, 1/2/1 RPT, p2 to last 3 sts; p1, k1, k1-tbl

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Just saw that this is listed in the errata on the other discussion, silly me! Should have checked there before trying to work it out myself :joy:

All MDK errata is listed here, and there’s a link at the bottom of the MDK homepage, too.

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Thanks, Nellknits

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Thank you @elselynn I have since figured this out and have knit 3 Appleseed Coasters :grin: They’re fun and quick aren’t they!!

They’re so fun! I’ve nearly finished my first one (after two restarts as I was convinced I’d done something wring when I hit row 5 :joy: )
And I’ve finally worked out how to comfortably do the twist without a cable needle!


Yay!! Post a pic when you finish :wink:
What yarn did you use?

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Just finished! Here’s the (unblocked) finished product. Yarn is a superwash wool/acrylic blend that I picked up by mistake in a local store here in Germany. I love the colour, and it should be nice and durable (and washable) as a coaster!


Oooo!! Looks great👍

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