March Mayhem 2017

Anyone else having a problem with the voting?

Hi! What problem are you having? Just let us know—traffic is high right now, so that may affect things. Thanks for being a part of MDK March Mayhem!

thanks, Ann. I’m sure that’s it. I’l try again later. The message was that I hadn’t selected any entries.

Remember that you have to select 8 for each category in this round. I got that the first submit as well. If you don’t select 8 it will tell you the question wasn’t answered.

I just voted and it seems like it took it OK.

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Please let me know if you continue to have trouble voting. No vote

Just be sure to choose 8 patterns in each of the 4 categories–the Survey
Monkey will take your ballot only when you’ve voted for 32 patterns.

No problems with the voting machine. No hanging chads, or voter fraud at this end. Although I had trouble reading my excited handwriting from yesterday, when I was busily drooling over all the entries, and trying to narrow it down to 8 in each category. I expect to see a burst of activity in the “What I’m Knitting Now” thread in 3… 2…


I had a lot of fun narrowing down my options for voting.
How did you narrow down the choices?

  • Voted based on things I like to knit
  • Voted based on things I would like to wear
  • Randomly clicked on stuff
  • Picked my favourite designers
  • Other

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This whole enterprise needs a 19th Century novel-style subtitle:

“March Madness, or Her PayPal Account Unbound”

Y’all. My queue and my pattern library just exploded!


Thanks, Ann. It worked. Must have been on overload when I tried it yesterday.

Cool quiz! I want to have quizzes for everything.

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I am so anxious to learn which patterns made it through to Round 2!!!
ETA: When might the news be made public???


Here’s what I found:
The Voting Schedule
Round 1: Voting ended at 3:00 am EST, Friday, March 17.

Round 2: March 20-21. Vote for 4 in each category.

Round 3: March 24-25. Vote for 2 in each category.

Round 4: March 27-28. Vote for 1 in each category.

Round 5: Championship. March 30-31.

MDK March Madness Champion will be announced on Monday, April 3.

Todays link doesn’t seem to be working - goes to page not found. I’m ready to vote, so excited!

It’s back up and working now. Sorry for the glitch!

Thanks Kay! Sorry to see some of my favorites are still not in the running.:disappointed:

I was surprised about how many of my favorites came through. All my choices in the sweater category and shawl category, and about 90 percent of my accessory choices. The home category was almost completely different then my choices except for the baby sweaters so about 50%

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