Norwegian Wool Insight

I have never knitted with Norwegian Wool before. Can anyone provide insights regarding the texture of the wool? Is it like Lopi?

I’m an “expert” (kidding!!) after just knitting the 6 rows of ribbing for the hat early this morning - it’s thinner and much softer than LettLopi, the only Lopi I’ve used. It’s also less fuzzy/wooly, but not smooth.

It’s a bit stiffer and not as soft as Rowan Felted Tweed, but on a spectrum is closer to that than to Lopi.

On the Zoom yesterday, Arne & Carlos said it gets softer as you knit it and even more when you steam block (they recommend steam blocking and not wet) and with wear.

I’ll be curious to hear other opinions!


It’s very different than Lopi. It’s not super tightly spun but it is definitely spun and it’s much finer gauge than Lopi. It’s also got a little bit of a halo but it’s not what I would call fuzzy. There’s no way you mistake it for anything but wool but it’s got a lovely squeeziness to it and it knits up nicely. And it does relax and soften up as you go.


I have knit with Norwegian Wool a lot. You will find it soft when knitting with it and even softer when steam blocked. It is perfect for colourwork! 2 ply DK so less bulky than Lette Lopi and less fuzzy

I have knit another hat out of it and find that it is both soft and warm to wear. I have become quite a fan of this yarn.


I knitted the Tove sweater from one of the two pattern booklets that came out when A&C introduced Norwegian Wool. I think kjt1211 described this yarn well. I did wet-block it, not to stretch the fabric but just to bloom the fibers, and I was pleased with the result, would do it again. I have not tried steam-blocking with this yarn, which I believe is what they recommend. If I decide to tackle the new Field Guide sweater, I will use NW again; it was a pleasure to knit with, and for me it created a light, warm fabric.


Thank you so much for your input, it is very helpful

Thank you. Very helpful

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Rauma (from Norway) is a beautiful soft wool, with plies and a nice balanced twist. Much different than Icelandic wool.

Rauma isn’t as soft as merino but I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it next to my skin.

As for Lopi (my favorite being Plotulopi) it’s from a dual coated sheep and usually a layering piece not worn next to the skin.