Yarn Sourcing Icelandic Wool

Hi all - I’m planning my next knit, and my husband has dropped hints he’d like a sweater. I’m planning on making the Wilderness Sweater (by Linka Karoline Neumann) that has gorgeous colorwork and very cute paw prints on the yoke. It will be perfect here in MN in the fall and winter. The pattern calls for Istex Alafosslopi - single ply, bulky (100m/100g) Icelandic wool.

My LYS doesn’t carry it, nor does my backup LYS. Neither really has an appropriate substitute. The closest on MDK (and my LYS) is Big Wool, but I suspect that’s probably not quite the right texture. I can get the lopi online at yarn.com, but had hoped to support a smaller business.

Should I just bite the bullet and by it online? Any other suggestions for similar, small producer yarns or places to look?

Thanks, all!


Hi. I received Lopi from https://thewoollythistle.com/ from my fibreshare partner last round. Maybe they can help.

Thank you! What a gorgeous selection. I want literally all of it…

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Yeah, it is a bit dangerous!

Yarn.com is the online source from Webs located in Northampton, MA. It is not a big box store. It’s a family owned business and does its best to support the community at large and do right by its employees. Please do not dismiss Webs and yarn.com out of hand. Webs has been my LYS for many years, excellent customer service, good range of offerings, fair prices, and they do right by their employees.


Thank you - that’s really helpful to know! They have a great selection, and I think I will end up ordering from them. Most of my yarn purchasing has been either when I’ve been traveling or at my local yarn shop, so this is a new foray. Happy to support them!

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Ditto on the Webs comment. They’re good people and they let me use the ladies room even if I’m not buying anything when I’m driving from Yonkers to VT.


Hi! Actually yarn.com is Webs in Northampton Massachusetts. It’s a family run business not a big box store. If you are ever in Western Massachusetts there are lots of great places and things to do. Beautiful in the fall for a vacation.

So you would still be supporting small business.

Happy knitting, Nicole