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Seeking Plain Old Yarn

I’m looking for some suggestions for a rustic (but not too rough) sport weight yarn in cream/white. I’ve been searching the internet but it’s seems this is a is a sysiphean task. Everything I’ve found is gorgeous but too soft, not the right weight, doesn’t come in cream…

I must admit I love speckles, cashmere, alpaca and the lot. But this time I’m just looking for plain old yarn. You wouldn’t think it would be this hard but it’s been a trial.

I’m making a sweater, well I want to make a sweater that really needs to have some body to it will stand up, thing modern fisherman’s sweater. It needs to have good stitch definition yet won’t cause me to scratch off my skin. I’m not too sensitive, one of my latest sweaters is in Owl, which would be perfect, but. . . it’s the wrong weight.

I don’t generally buy yarn on the internet which is making the task that much harder since I can’t see or feel the yarns I’m looking at.



Have you looked at Bare Naked Wools? I discovered them courtesy of a Jillian Moreno post on MDK a while back.

All their yarns are undyed, so most have a cream-colored option, and they offer various weights and mixtures of fiber. Note that you have to click on the type of yarn to see which weight(s) they offer it in, which is a bit annoying.

I took a quick look and maybe Cooper or Ghillie would work for you?


Try this. Brown Sheep is a real work horse.


You know I had looked at their yarn but missed the Cooper base. I think it just might be exactly what I’m looking for.


Thanks. I’ll take a look.

I should have noted that although I sent you a link, a lot of local stores carry it. It’s widely distributed brand. I have some of this in worsted weight. Happy to wind some off so you can give it a feel.

Wonderful, I hope it works well for you! And I’d love to see your fisherman sweater if you do post any progress pictures. I love cozy hearty sweaters so much, but living in a hot climate rarely get to wear or admire any.

So end the end I found my plain old yarn. The winner is the De Rerum Natura Ulysse. It’s the right weight, right cream and the right price. Plus it was available locally so I got to squeeze it before I bought it. I can’t wait to start working with it.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I doubt this will the last time that I’m looking for a good sport weight cream yarn and I’ll keep those in mind.


What a great choice (and yes, I guess it would have been more helpful if I had asked where you were!). I love that company. Have made several of her patterns several times. Would love to try her yarn but it’s not local to me. Happy knitting and share pictures.

I can recommend Swan’s Island sport weight and DK. Possibly they have even a heavier weight. Their cream and navy (I think it is called Mallard) are beautiful to see and to work with. I used it for a big shawl called Nightshift found on the StevenBe web site. The yarn is also available from Webs (yarn com). It’s made in Maine. Does not pull or itch. Ginny