Pattern Ideas and Tips Needed

I found this beautiful ball of very fine yarn in my stash. Fairly certain I bought it at a Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival many years ago.
I am in love with the colors, but not sure what I should knit up. I have searched a good bit through Ravelry, but nothing has felt right.
I am not experienced working with a yarn this fine and haven’t done too much intricate lace work.
Searching for suggestions! Tips!

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Wow, that is beautiful. I don’t knit with such fine yarns so not much help. If ou haven’t done much intricate work, maybe a simple eyelet pattern. I sometimes just dive in to stitch pattern books.

My first thought was that your yarn would make a fabulous Pi Shawl. There are so many variations.

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I will look at that

I have thought that too

A citronmight be nice with the color variation. Plus isn’t isn’t really “lace”.