Picket Fence Blanket

I am trying to figure out how to join the blocks. Is there a video? And do you use 3 straight needles for the 3 needle bind off? Can you use circular needles or a combination of both?

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You can definitely use circular needles or a combination for a 3 needle bindoff. I am sure there are plenty of videos online.

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Thank you for your help!! I am using circulars

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Any advice about blocking squares and/or “washing” Picket Fence Blanket.

I wet blocked the square individually. I gently squeezed the water out and rolled in a towel I did pin the square for a neat edge. After the entire blanket was assembled, I steamed the seams.

Someone else suggested putting the blocks along wires but I think just pinning worked well.

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I meant to say squares, plural. I let them dry overnight with a fan on them.

Thank you! Very helpful advice.