Help with Stranded Stripe Afghan

I’m finished with the knitting…I cut the steek…I turned under the edges…so here’s my question. Do I block it now? Or do I pick up the stitches first, create the border and then block? I feel like blocking now, but I’m afraid that the yarn might get fuzzy during the blocking process and it will be harder to pick up the stitches. Looking for your input. Thank you in advance for your help. This blanket has been a blast to knit!


Pick up the border first, and post some photos! How very exciting.

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Thank you for your input!! Of course, I was in a hurry, so I made the choice to wash/block first. I think it was a good idea because my tension was all over the place. This is definitely a ‘pandemic project’…you can see where the governor ordered the lockdown in my stitching! I considered ripping some of the parts out and starting over, but then I realized that it was authentic me…sometimes I’m tense!!

Long story short - blocking it was smart and it looks lots better now. I have picked up my stitches on both long sides and I’m beginning to work on my border. Attached is a photo that I took after blocking. I’ll post another after I finish the border.


Your blanket is incredible! I love the way you used the pattern and colors, I’m really looking forward to seeing another shot of it completed.

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This looks GREAT! You’re doing a beautiful job. What color will the edging be?

I’m a couple of steps behind you on mine, which is all coins except that I decided to make random stripes on each end to use up some of my yarn. Almost done with the body. Then, I think I’ll add the edging garter across the top and bottom while it’s still in the round. Did you do that? Did you do the needle felting before cutting the steek? I ordered the felting tools - waiting form them and also more yarn for the border to arrive, so will have a pause while I wait for delivery and timeout/quarantine for the boxes at home.

I can’t wait to see your finished product. Happy knitting! Lois

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Hi Lois! Thanks for your kind words. I want to see a photo of yours now!

I am edging in Graphite. I used graphite throughout the blanket - I knit a row of graphite and then the 2-row pearie using graphite and another color between each motif. Adding the border has helped to bring that to life. I’m going to finish the 2nd long side today or tomorrow and then add the top and bottom borders after that.

I did the needle felting of the steak. I have never done anything like that before, so while I was waiting for the tools, I knit a swatch to practice on. Good idea. It gave me a lot of confidence. I just kept felting and cutting…felting and cutting.

I promise to post a photo when it is finished. I want to see your blanket as well. My husband keeps asking when I’ll make one for him!



Your blanket looks great. I love your color choices. I am in the process of finishing mine, sometimes following the color recommendations, sometimes trying to come up with my own choices. I hope mine come together as well as yours did. Beautiful


Here it is in all its lumpy glory with the steek line showing!! I’m hoping that blocking will get the lumps out.

That’s a great tip about making a swatch to practice the felting and cutting.

I’m looking forward to seeing yours finished.

LoisIMG_3495 IMG_3496 (1)


Doesn’t look lumpy to me!! The blocking really helped mine. I love your stripes! They are so much fun!

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Thanks! Also, the color I’ve settled on for the border is Tawney, which is the burgundy shade. It seems to play well with the other red and red-adjacent tones.

Regards, Lois

Oooooh, pretty!

As promised, here is a photo of the finished project. It ended up 38" x 61". I started this in mid-March, just a few days before we went into stay-at-home mode. It has saved my sanity…what will I do next?