When to cut the steek?

Inquiring minds want to know? Do you block before or after you cut the steek? I was thinking I’d block first so the steek wouldn’t unravel too much, and it might be easier to pin to shape, but then I wondered if it would be harder to see the stitches to cut (The main body is dark purple, so the stitches are hard to see as it is)? Am I overthinking it?

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I’m also a novice though I have actually steeked a few times. I think blocking first sounds like a good idea and will be interested in others’ experience.

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I ended up deciding to cut the steek before blocking this time, mainly because I was afraid it would bloom too much to see the stitches well. I suspect it would have been fine either way.

I have done two steeked sweaters and both times I cut before blocking. it was fine!

It’s my personal preference to block it first, just to let the stitches mesh together in the steek and settle in. As you’ve found from experience, however, it doesn’t really matter.

BTW, on my last steeked project, I tried out the needle felting I read about on MDK and it worked like a charm. Ravelry: aasny's Maras Wrap

I want to get a felting needle and try that! (I have a single felting needle, but not the kind they used.) I tried a crocheted steek this time but found it rather bulky. In previous projects I didn’t reinforce the steek at all, but this time I had some handspun in the yoke that wasn’t as sticky as the main body yarn.