Felted Steek for Papa

So, I’d like to make my next Papa Sweater as a cardigan. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/papa Thought I could add some stitches at the center front, but not sure of the set up. I’ve never done any kind of steek. Ordering my steeky stuff as soon as I finished here in the lounge. Probably a couple of hours if past is any indication of future. Hugs to all. Take care of each other.

Wow! I love that idea - what a perfect modification! I’m the one who is still working on the pullover, lol. If you look at the chart, do you see what kind of looked to me like a “hole” or way too much blank space on the right hand side? That seems like a perfect place to put the steek, if you don’t mind moving the hole to the center.

It disturbed my personal aesthetic sense of balance to the point that I used my knitting app to fill in the holes (both right and bottom left center) with more flowers. You can’t have too many flowers, right? And it helped quite a bit with the stranded floats…

I’m interested to know what “steeling material “ you use. And will you be modifying anything else, like size or stitch counts? That’s where I’m hung up - I’m finished with everything but the straight knitting and sleeves. Boring!

I’m very much a steeking novice, but having finished that yoke, I would definitely put in a few stitches wider than the usual 4-6 stitches, just because of the huge floats and not wanting to get anywhere near them especially with a needle felter. You might also want to look at the back side - the Ravelry person didn’t really say, but that’s one huge circle once the increases are done.

Sorry to go on and on! I really like the Papa sweater and can’t wait to see the progress on this!

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Finished my 1st Papa a couple of weeks ago. Had a baby gift to whip up then did a swatch for a new Papa yarn, which I knew was lighter weight. It will be a narrower silhouette, but not so much so that it will lose all of its hugginess. I’ll just have to add a bunch of rows here and there for length. Haven’t decided how I’ll handle that.

My big worry about the lighter weight of the main color was that the contrast color I loved was the heavier yarn from the 1st sweater. After adding a flower to my swatch, I felt it would have been okay. The flowers were a little more pronounced, but I ordered another lighter weight yarn to try for the right color and see what it looked like. Decided to go with that new yarn. It gave a more delicate flavor - if a Papa can be delicate. I think it will do fine with the narrower silhouette and the finer gauge.

I know the hole you mean. I’ll look and see if I feel I want to mess with the placement of the charts. I shouldn’t think it would be too hard.

Another matter is marking the felting line in the plain stockinette portions. The line should be easily visible in the color work where I’ll alternate the 2 colors. But the plain knitting… Thought I might add a couple more stitches to the steek and pearl the stitch on each edge. (P1,K5, P1) Might make an even line for folding the felting to the inside and a nice front edge. [Need to check the diameter of the needles to know how many stitches I really need.]

I’ve never steeked before. Hurt my heart to think of cutting into my knitting. Terrified me, actually. But the felted steek seems reasonable. Think the felting might help work out some of my anxiety issues related to the present need for solitude. Do not presently posses felting stuff. I’ve ordered a Clover needle thingy and hair brush that look like Kay’s.

Oh, the sleeves go quickly. They’re short because the yoke is so deep, that the division for the sleeves is really low. Same with the body of the sweater.

Thanks for your input. I can’t wait to get started.

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