Getting ready to felt and seek

I’ve woven in my ends, but I have some questions:

  1. block first? I think yes.
  2. how do I “secure the steek”? I assume this means sew it down after cutting. but how do I accomplish this
  3. I’ve never picked up stitches that weren’t right at the edge of something like an armhole. I’m assuming it will be clear once the fabric is folded.

I think that’s it. Thanks in advance!

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I sewed the steek before I cut it. I sewed on each side of the center column of 3 stitches as shown in the chart using a contrasting thread. Then I cut in the center of the steek. I picked up the button bands, lightly felted the steek and then sewed it down prior to blocking. I know some people are blocking first. I don’t know whether it makes a difference. This is only the second time I’ve used a steek. Good luck.

Hi there - I would block first to give the yarn a chance to settle and also expand to final size - this may make a difference in your steering. You don’t want to garment to be “larger” than the steeked section - you want them to match in size. You will also need to re-block the whole thing when finished. You can also use a ribbon to sew over the inside edges of the fabric (like grosgrain), this makes for a really neat finished inside edge. My thoughts….