Please Help Me Find This Book

Many years ago I had a knitting pattern book that was based on squares and rectangles. The patterns included socks,hats,jackets,mittens and other clothing. It was a small book and I think it was Scandinavian. It got mislaid during various moves. If anyone recognises or knows the book please could they email me details as I would like to track it down. Thank you in anticipation

Is this it? It’s full of great instructions and stitch patterns. It’s from 1963.

Could be Thankyou. I will explore further.

I’m not sure it is as I do remember that it was Scandinavian. Will keep trying. Thank you anyway.

How about Domino Knitting by Vivian Høxbro? It’s the first thing that I thought of when I read your post.


I don’t think it was this one. I seem to remember it was easy patterns or for beginners and mostly children’s clothing. But thank you anyway. At this rate I will have a whole lot more pattern books to fin lovely patterns from!

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Perhaps this one?


Was it possibly by Horst Schultz? He’s German, and put together sweaters for kids and adults. I can’t remember the name of the book, but maybe his name will jog your memory. He wrote it many years ago, like in the 1990’s or early 2000’s. Even if it’s not what you are looking for, it’s a good book to check out anyway.

Thank you for your suggestion, but the book was definitely out in the 1970s as My Mum knitted mittens and other things for my daughter when she was little. I will look this book up though as it looks interesting. Thanks again.

Definitely wasn’t knitting for anarchists but I will certainly try to find it as I love the title and wonder what is inside!

This also looks very interesting but might be a bit modern. The book I’m thinking of was around in the 1970s. Thank you for suggesting it though.

It’s about knitting without patterns - just using shapes.

Knit squares to compose clothes and accessories. except it’s Italian, but looks interesting

No Pattern Knits: Simple Modular Techniques for Making Wonderful Garments and Accessories Hardcover – May 1, 2006

I owned a yarn shop in the 70’s and I have a small Dell Purse Book called KNITTING AND CROCHETING but is mostly knitting. It has over 90 pattern stitches. I am not sure if this is it and I do not know how to show you a picture of it.