Vintage patterns/magazines

I recently acquired some yarn from an acquaintance whose mother passed away. Its all acrylic, and I will use some for hat donations. I will also pass some on to others for same. In the bag there was a small stack of patterns/pattern booklets/magazines, some dating in the 60s. Most are in only okay condition. I hate to toss them but also don’t know what to do with them. Does anyone have ideas as to where they might go/be appreciated?

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I follow Arne and Carlos. Arne seems to collect old patterns. I am also love old patterns. Perhaps you can find a knitter near you that would like them.

Is there a knitting group in your area? If so, they may be willing to take them or give you ideas for where to take them. These knitting groups may be officially organized or not. TKGA has a listing of organized groups by state and in my area libraries or churches often have unofficially organized knitting groups that meet on a regular basis.

In addition to other knitter’s, you might check your local library to see if they would take them. In my area, the libraries take things like that and put them in their library sales. We also have some used book stores in the area that will buy patterns that are in good condition.

You might also check with local women’s shelters, prisons, or or local United Way type agency to see where they might recommend


Where I love, libraries and senior centers have knitting groups. Yarn and patterns are generally appreciated.