Stash giveaway nice yarn to share

I have a lot of nice yarn in my stash, too much nice yarn! I would like to give some away to someone who could use/enjoy it. Maybe someone who has experienced one of these awful fires, maybe someone whose budget doesn’t stretch to yarn, you get the idea. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?

I’ve been listing yarn inexpensively on Ravelry, hoping this would help, but now i’d Like to go a step further with some.

Thank you,
Ann B


How very kind of you! This will make someone so very happy.

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Check out When Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is raising funds for a charity, she offers Karmic Balancing Gifts to donors. These gifts are often donated yarns from someone’s stash. Great way to repurpose for a good cause.


When I was in this situation I checked with local yarn shops to see who might have asked for donations. Years ago, when I lived in NJ, there was an art teacher in my building. He was always happy to accept yarn I no longer wanted or needed to use in his class.


Situated here visiting in AustinTX my daughter showed me a shop for crafty people for easy, inexpensive crafts plus school supplies. BUT it was a nonprofit “creative reuse” shop where businesses and the public gave/donated extra supplies or stashes (ah-ha yarn!) and the shop resold at a reduced price. This was a treasure trove of ideas AND an ideal situation to give to others.
So, what I am suggesting is look to charities, churches, women’s groups, school areas - for to give up those extra yarn supplies.
This reuse center was wonderful. Wish I had one closer to home.


Great idea - thank you!

I will try this next time I am shopping for more yarn that I don’t need! Happens surprisingly often! Thank you.


Good idea.

Our Salvation Army branch in Pittsburgh PA collects fabric and yarn and other crafting items for a big sale once a year. Maybe check if your local SA does too?

Hello from Colorado. We have had our share of wildfires here. I asked around to see who lost their home, property, etc and found a woman, friend of a friend, who had moved out of state to start over. She and I talked about what she liked to knit and I shipped yarn to her. I think that’s what you are suggesting, and it was not hard to find someone. I just asked around. In CA churches with knit groups or yarn shops may have names.


Great idea - thank you!

May I recommend “Knitting Behind Bars” this is a charity run by a woman in MD who teaches inmates how to knit. You can check out about the charity here on Fruity Knitting Podcast:
The men make hats for kids in neighborhoods they come from as a way to give back and help the next generation. Lynn Zwerling who runs the program and teaches it says the men are starting to know the value of good yarn. Sounds like a good place for some of your stash.
And thank you for your kindness in offering your stash to others.


I love this idea! We were trying to start a similar program with a women’s prison in NH, but couldn’t get it off the ground. Thank you!

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Another thought: label the yarn, with content, company and length or type (sport, lace, etc. ) And the weight if you can weigh it. Or enclose a label if you’ve saved one. Very helpful to a stranger with a pattern looking for yarn of a certain type.

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Agreed. Most of them still have labels!

Our women’s prison in Westchester county NY have a program. I have two friends who teach there. They have limitations on color and type of needles. Happy to put you in touch.


Yes please!

DM me your email and I’ll put you together.

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