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Team Blanket No. 5: For California Fire Victims

Okay everyone—for those who are still looking to join Team Blanket, I’m pulling together a team to knit some blankets for victims of Northern California’s Carr Fire. We will donate through the local Salvation Army which has set up a triage for the victims of the fire (1,000 homes burned, 200 more damaged, 8 people dead).

So far, I have two knitters and would love to have more of you join.

Pattern will be the Mitered Crosses Blanket. Yarn—whatever will get you gauge. Let’s try to stay with 100% wool.

Anyone else want to join me?


I’d love to join your team, d2knits!
I’m going to be attempting my first mitered cross square for Team 2 soon. I’m from J.V. Team 2.1
When do you want your squares?

@kcknits - fantastic. I don’t have a timeline yet. Let’s say by the end of October? That way we can try to deliver the blanket before Thanksgiving.

@SarahRose can you send me the pattern at for the mitered square so I can kick off my knitters?

Great idea👍 that timeline will work for me!! I have the pattern already.
Is Lamb’s Pride worsted weight yarn okay? Not 100% wool. 85/15 wool/mohair

If you’d prefer to have all the squares in 100% wool, that’s fine too
That would give me an excuse for my 2nd favorite addiction: yarn shopping😆

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I would love to join in as well. :slight_smile:

fantastic. We are up to 4! @kcknits since you have the pattern, can you share it with the rest of us?

I’d prefer 100% wool but won’t be too big of a stickler about it. I’m going to be diving into my stash of Cascade 220.

Just sent the patttern to your email. Pls let me know if you received it (or didn’t?

I have it. Thank you. Anyone else need it, send me your email and we will share.

Just messaged you with my email. At least I hope I did, I’m new to these forums.
In the meantime I had another quick question. I know the deadline is end of Oct and you want 100% wool. But do you also have a preference for non Superwash wool?

@bluejeandolly - please, no superwash. I’m going to work in Cascade 220. I would rather have a mix of fibers (Lamb’s Pride worsted weight for example) - than a mix of superwash and not superwash.

Gotcha. All in on the 100% wool. :slight_smile:

I’d like to join, too! I have the pattern - I’m almost finished with my first square for team 2.

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Dawn - thrilled to have you! Welcome.

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Count me in! Am doing a couple of blocks for Team Blanket 2 and getting the hang of this interesting construction. Will feel good to join a project benefitting Carr fire victims. Do you have preferred colors?

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Yeah! and welcome! no thoughts on colors. It will be fun to pull together what comes in the mail.

I have the pattern and some wool. :joy:
and will gladly knit a square. Nell

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thank you @nellknits. We are well on our way to our first blanket.

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