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Team Blanket No. 2.1: For new or old knitters who are not yet ready for a miter

ETA: I think it would be a good idea for me to add some headlines to some of my posts. I’ll put them all in caps so any newbies can find them easily. So far, I’m thinking HOUSEKEEPING (notes specific to the project), HELPFUL HINTS (feel free to use this if you’re sharing something that will make it easier for so one else to knit this pattern, MITER TUTORIAL (for anyone who is curious), and READ THIS NOW (if anything really important comes up). I may add some more as we go along. Just look for the all caps at the beginning of the posts.

I’m swatching tonight (and by swatching I mean casting on–this is really just a big swatch) to knit along with all of you.

Are you a new or old knitter who is not quite ready to commit to figuring out a miter but you want to be part of the The Team Blanket phenomenon? Did your sister just demand that you watch a 6 episode series on Netflix that is in French with really bad subtitles which makes for really bad knitting time? Do you just fell like knitting garter stitch for a while?

Then this is the Team Blanket for you! We’re a sub group of Team Blanket No: 2 and all are welcome.
There were a lot of people who lost a lot in the fire and a lot of firefighters who battled snow and ice to make everyone safe. It’ll be a while before we run out of people who want blankets.

Here’s the plan:

Yarn: Wool or wool blended with another natural fiber.
Colors: You do you. Whatever you like will work.
Gauge; 4.5 stitches to the inch. If you’re a newbie, start with a size 8 needle to make your swatch. Then go up or down from there. If you’re not sure what to do, just post a comment and someone will help you.

Here’s the pattern:

Cast on 54 stitches using the long tail cast on. Click here for a tutorial.
Knit 107 rows (54 ridges). In straight garter stitch like this your long tail cast on will give you the first “bump” of the ridge. The cast on row will be your right side. The first row you knit will be your wrong side. In this case, when you’re on the odd number row, your cast on tail will be on your left. The best thing to do is knit a few rows paying close attention to odd and even number rows and then whack a stich marker, safety pin or that random earring that you’re still convinced that you’ll find the mate to on the right side.
Bind off. Use the basic bind off from here.
Sew in your ends.
Give it a little bath.
Pin it out to 12 inches by 12 inches and let it dry.

Email me for the address to send the square to.

Knit on!!

P.S. You know that person who always says they want to learn how to knit. This is a really good way to get them started.


Please count me in for TeamBlanket 2.1;) Super excited to be part of this!! I’m emailing you as soon as post this comment.
Thx much for leading Karen!
Karyn Croll aka: kcknits

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I would love to participate in this effort! I live in Colorado, and we have had a terrible fire season this year. We have a mostly volunteer fire department where I live in the mountains close to Denver, and they are some incredible people!
I can certainly do a few garter stitch squares, but would like to try my hand at the miter pattern as well. I will send you an email. Please send along the pattern for the other blanket squares.
Thank you for your leadership and enthusiasm for this worthy cause!


@kcknits and @shoofly12 Welcome aboard! This is going to be fun. I promise.

Please check in with the other group as well. I made this separate just to make it easier to keep track of what’s going on but, really, we’re all in this together. I’ll do some cross posting to make sure everyone gets what they needs.

More to come.

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I know what yarn you’re requesting for mitered cross squares but have not received the pattern yet in my email. I’m thinking I’d like to try one for each Team-2.0 & 2.1
My email is:
Thx Karen!

I got the pattern!! May have been attached the entire time, I dunno!

Was at my lys this morning and discovered she carries Lamb’s Pride🤗 only 2 colors. So while I’m waiting for my order to arrive, I’m going to knit a garter square with this:20180817_162935

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My Lamb’s Pride arrived today!! Yippee​:hugs: The colors are sooo gorgeous :heart_eyes:20180818_153359
Can’t wait to try mitered square with them (I think!)


Oh they are beautiful. I can’t wait to see it!

Early in the postings, our fun, fearless leader asked us to write about what inspired our colors and post pics. My blues are inspired by my daughter’s and granddaughter’s beautiful blue eyes :blush:


Wow!!! You nailed it! They’re gorgeous.

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Thank you Karen :slight_smile: Have a grrrreat vacay!! I’d love to see Vermont sometime

Half way thru my Garter block!! Good, because I’m getting bored with row after row if garter :wink:jpg_fixed
Darker grey than this pic. Charcoal Heather. This yarn is soo sqooshy😁


This is perfect! My plan was go get you so bored with the garter stitch that you would be compelled to knit the miters! (Insert evil laughter). Really, though, it looks great! And yes it is squooshy!!! I love it.


LOL, your plan worked!!! I’ve been looking at other’s completed squares and picturing which 2 color combos I want to go with on mine

Hi! I’d love to provide some garter squares with a side of miter…may I join you? Saw the recipe above, I have recently moved back to the desert from the PAC NW and have much wool to use! I’m Katy, by the way, nice to meet you!


I enjoyed participating in MDKTeam Blanket2, so count me in for 2.1 as well. I’m working on the last bit of a sweater, so a small garter project will be a nice break. Thank you for organizing this.

Hi Katy, I’m Karyn and glad you jumped on this great Team Blanket project!! I recently moved also (14 months ago) from So. Cal. (between L.A. & Palm Springs) to Pacific NW! And have been knitting since this past January. So I’m acquiring my wool stash😁

@ktdid2 Of course you can join us! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Make sure you check in on the team 2 thread. There’s a lot going on there.

Can’t wait to see your suare!

@jbass Thanks so much! I’m doing a garter square right now too!

@kcknits I am officially declaring you as Captain of the Welcoming Committee on Team 2.1 Thanks for being such a happy voice on this lovely journey we are on.


lol😆my pleasure!!! The more, the merrier

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