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Team Blanket No. 1: For Carrie Swanson--NOW FULL!

Sarah Inskeep is your Team Leader. Happy to see that she’s got her group set for this blanket. If you’d like to contribute to another Team Blanket, here’s where you’ll find the current groups in formation.

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Hi Everyone, I’m Sarah Inskeep, and I’m super excited that you’ve decided to join me in group knitting a lovely blanket for Carrie Swanson. Details are below. Please feel free to reply with any questions!

The Recipient : Carrie Swanson. This February, her fiancé, William Inskeep, was killed suddenly in a tragic farming accident only two weeks before they were to be married. I think that receiving a hand knit team blanket will help remind her that she is loved and never alone. :blush:

The Team : Our Team is complete! We have all the knitters we need now! Sincere thanks to each and every one of you!

The Commitment : Knit and ship one 11.2” x 11.2” square!

The Pattern : Mitered Crosses Blanket, by Kay Gardiner. I will email the pattern to each knitter on the team!

The Fiber Content: All natural, no synthetic fibers please.

The Yarn Weight : Aran (heavy worsted, 8 wpi).

The Color Palette : Neutrals; each square should have a darker center surrounded by a lighter background.

The Yarn Quantity : For one 11.2” x 11.2” square, you’ll need approximately 110 yards / 100m of the background (lighter) color; and 55 yards / 50m of the contrasting (darker) color. Remember, it’s always recommended to have a little extra yarn, just in case. :wink:

The Yarn Ideas : Please feel free to use yarn from your stash if you prefer, just as long as that yarn meets the fiber content, weight, and color specifications above. :slight_smile:

The Gauge : 20 sts and 40 rows (that’s 20 garter ridges) = 4” / 10 cm in garter stitch on size U.S 6 / 4mm needles (or size to obtain gauge).

The Size of the Finished Square : Before mailing your square to me, please be sure to…

  1. Weave in all yarn ends, and
  2. Block your square to 11.2” x 11.2” .

The Deadline : Ship your square by 20th August 2018. I will email my mailing address to each knitter on the team.

The Finishing : I will assemble and finish the blanket by joining the squares and working the i-cord edging; however, any knitters who are local and so inclined are welcome to join me for a “Finishing Party!” :slight_smile:

The Sharing : All team members, please take lots of pics to share with us all! Post them here, and on social media! Use the hashtag #MDKteamblanket for Instagram!

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Here’s the Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern page on Ravelry.

And yarn ideas: here are links to some yarn examples on Ravelry:

  1. Lamb’s Pride Worsted by Brown Sheep.
  2. Fishermen’s Wool by Lion Brand.
  3. Wool Clasica by Manos del Uruguay.
  4. Shepherd Worsted Multi by Lorna’s Laces.
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Hi Sarah,
I’m happy to be part of this project. I have the pattern, yarn ready and can start knitting for Carrie this week.
My email is xo


Hi Nell! I’m so thrilled to have you on the team! :smile: Thank you for joining us! :smile: I will email you my mailing address right away. Please feel free to contact me by email or here at anytime if you have a question!


Thank you SO very much for your super quick and effective help with technical issues! You are very much appreciated! :blush:

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Hey Team Blanket No. 1, just popping over from Team Blanket No. 2 to say hello and cheer you on. This is such fun! Go Team Blanket No. 1!!! (Can’t find a pom pom emoji but use your imagination and insert one here.)

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Sarah I’m in and can help with the finishing.

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You are going to be up for the blanketeer award I think!

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Wonderful! Thank you SO much, Leslie! :kissing_heart::heartpulse:
I just emailed you the pattern and my mailing address. Please feel free to contact me here or reply to my email if any questions come up! Happy Knitting!

I’ve also posted this in Team Blanket 2 - this is the first part of my square for Carrie. It will have the natural color for the border. The spice is for the center of the other square which will be bordered with the brown. There was a good discussion about keeping track of the right side of your work- my fave technique is to use a removable marker.
Thank you again, Sarah. I’m honored to be part of this heartfelt project.


Hi Sarah do you still need squares? Let me know.

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Sarah, I’m in! And I can also help with the assembling if needed.
Also I can do more than one square if you need…

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Sarah, I can knit a square (and depending on when and where help with assembling) if you still need any.

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I just bound off my square! It still needs the ends woven in and blocking.IMG_20180809_133901_795|500x500

If more blocks are still needed I can knit another one with a different light color.


Hi Everyone! I’m SO thrilled that all of you have joined our team! :smile:
Welcome to Kay & Kathleen, our newest team members! :smile:
We also have Phyllis & Mindy on board as well, which puts our current team at six knitters!

We still need four more squares, so if you’re considering us, feel free to volunteer! We’d LOVE to have you on our team! :smile:

Happy Knitting!


Oh you’re SO sweet! Thank you very much! :smile: I agree on both counts - This IS indeed so much fun! And someone needs to create a pom pom emoji! :blush:

Nell, your squares are looking lovely! I really like the colors you picked! :smile: And thank you SO much for the great tip about using a removable marker to keep track of the right side! As soon as I read your post I got one out and it has saved me many headaches! Thank you! :smiley:

We are honored to have you on our team, Nell. Thank you so much for joining us. I can just feel all the love going into every stitch, and I know Carrie will too! :blush:

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Hi Kay! Yes indeed we do still need squares, and we’d LOVE to have you join us! :smiley:
I apologize for the delay in my response. There were some technical issues preventing me from posting, but Ann fixed the problem for us and we’re good to go now! :blush:
Would you mind sending me your email address? You can email me at: if you’d prefer. I will email you back asap with the Mitered Crosses Blanket pattern and my mailing address for shipping your finished square!
Thanks again for volunteering, Kay! :smile:

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Wonderful! Thank you SO much, Kathleen! We’re thrilled to have you on our team! :smile:
And thank you for offering to help with finishing and with extra squares as needed! I’ll keep you posted!
Let’s plan to have a Finishing Party the end of August. Once finished squares start arriving, we’ll work out and post the details here so that anyone who is willing and able may join in! How does that sound? :blush: