Ravelry Application

Ravelry doesn’t have an official app, but say there are 50+ that work with Ravelry. Can anyone comment on any they might use on an iPhone that they’re happy with? I generally use my laptop to search/use Ravelry, but in those situations where I only have my phone, an app would be easier (maybe) than the website.

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I use and like Ravit. I also saved the Ravelry website to my home screen, so it acts just like an app.


I have Ravelry saved on my iPhone and iPad home screens as well. It’s very easy to access that way.

Hmm, saving a website to your iPhone home screen. I didn’t know you could do that! I guess I thought it had to be an official app. What can I say. Technology is not my thing. Going to give it a try now. Thank you!

Thank you. Will take a look at Ravit.

Just gave it a try. Oh my, could not have been easier. Thanks!

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I have the Ravelry icon on my iPad, and it takes me straight to the site. Have not had any issues/problems accessing it this way.

I don’t have any issue with my laptop/iPad. It was the phone I was wondering if there’s an app for, but now that I know I can save the actual website to my phone I’m all set. Thanks!

The Ravelry icon shows up on my start page in Safari on my iPhone & iPad so I quickly get into Ravelry from there. If there’s a way to have that on my app pages I would love to know how to do that. It makes it one step closer.

You’re not talking to a tech guru here, but this is they way it now looks on my iPhone. The icon on my phone links to the website, NOT an app. And let me tell you, I’m doing a little jig here because OMG, I linked a picture to this!! Woo for me!

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How did you get that link there? I’m not a techie guru either. :woozy_face:

If you have an iPhone, use Safari to get to Ravelry, From there, at the bottom of your iPhone in the middle, you’ll see a square w/an arrow in it (you can see it in the 2nd picture above). Click on that. If you scoll about 2/3rd’s of the way down on that page, you’ll see ADD TO HOME SCREEN. Click that and voila, it’s there! Good luck!

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Well THAT was easy!! Thanks!

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