Really fun patterns

I highly recommend this pattern! It’s called Leaf Buds Shawl, by Jeri Riggs, published July 5, 2013. German Short rows make it unusual. Pattern is on Raveley.


Thank you for the recommendation! I actually published the Leaf Buds Shawl ( Ravelry: Leaf Buds Shawl pattern by Jeri Riggs) pattern July 5, 2023! Yours turned out wonderfully! What yarn did you use? Love the colors!

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Thank you!! I’m happy that you like it! I loved making it - the pattern was so clear, it was a joy to knit. I used Uneek DK from Urth Yarn, color 6004 with the black, which is also Urth Yarns, harvest dk, color Thuja. We live in Northern Michigan, where there is a large Amish population, and I am so inspired by their use of solid color, contrasting with black. It really makes the colors pop, and I have made several quilts inspired by their designs. My favorite is a quilt I made for my daughter, and I tie dyed fabric in bright colors and paired it with black fabric. Thanks so much for your reply!

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That is so lovely! As a designer, I wish I could try all the lovely yarns and see how they look with my designs; but I can’t knit that fast! i was considering using Uneek Dk, so I am happy you did and I love how it looks in that yarn! The black is an excellent backdrop for vibrant color. I am sure your quilt is gorgeous. Paula Nadelstern’s quilts also use a lot of black to make colors shine, and it is true in knitting too. Thanks for sharing yours!

I’ve written this post about a dozen times tonight and every time I felt like I was burying the lede so I’m just going to wing it.

  1. @shirleescherch “Really fun patterns” is such a great idea for a Lounge thread.
  2. Jeri Riggs (@Knitbird) is a dear friend. She’s a rock star.
  3. There’s a Leaf Bud cowl pattern that goes with this shawl that is so beautifully written and looks like a really good time.
  4. It’s written for DK and worsted and it is PERFECT FOR ATLAS!!!
  5. Just in case you didn’t notice, I’m a fan of Atlas.
  6. I’m also a fan of Jeri Riggs.
  7. Especially since she is offering a 25% discount on the cowl pattern for all the MDK folks. Just use the code MDK at checkout on Ravelry and cast on.

Phew! I got that all out and now I can ramble on as I tend to do.

The cowl pattern is here. Use the code MDK to take 25% off the price (which is already really reasonable) any time between now and September 30th. I don’t know where you are but here in Yonkers there was a real taste of autumn in the air today. Thoughts of apples and Rhinebeck and wearing a cute cowl with my denim jacket have been dancing in my head.

I’m doing Atlas in Navy and Whisper but there are lots of options. Mallard (or seaglass or skyline) and Barn Red if you’re feeling like Superman. Truffle and Tutu. Cork and Cedar. Oh the options are endless. And honestly, I might want to make a solid color one in Pear and just let the pattern shine through.


Thank you!!! That’s great to know!! It was so pleasant to knit this shawl, I was thinking of making the smaller version for Christmas gifts. I’d love to see a picture of your cowl when you finish it!! Thanks for your kind comments!


By the way, I live in Northern Michigan where it’s 58 degrees now, expecting a high of 73. Great weather for knitting scarves and cowls.