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Rowan - how to start the ball

I’m working on two of the patterns from Painterly with Rowan Felted Tweed. Is there a good way to find the yarn on the inside of the ball so that I can have a center pull? Sometimes it’s been relatively easy and on other balls, I just give up! Thanks.

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As I have been working on my garter striped shawl, I’m having the same issue. My resolution is to just start from the outside of the ball. I’m curious if there is a trick.

Can’t you just make a cake of yarn by winding it on a toilet paper roll? Put a slit in the edge of the paper roll and leave 3-4 inches hooked in the slit so you can pull from it after the ball is made. I recently learned how to do this. Search on line for “making a center-pull cake of yarn.” I hope this is what you’re looking for.