Setesdal Hat Knitalong with Arne & Carlos

They’re such good teachers. And as for the hat, as Kay says when she makes hats, it’ll fit SOMEbody!


Got my yarn from MDK in record time!!! Can’t wait to swatch tonight to be ready!!! Rowan Norwegian yarn is GORGEOUS!!!


Game on, Leah! So glad you got your yarn!

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How do i join the zoom cast on meet please? The link i had for it no longer works, i dont want to miss out!

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I’m having the same issue. Need a passcode.

I guess we’re not getting in. I signed up a couple of days ago and was expecting to get an email today with the info/links but nothing. I must have done something wrong on sign up :frowning:

Where is the Zoom link for today?

I’m excited to join the KAL! I got my hat bundle from MDK the day they became available, haha. If I need to do anything other than be here to join the KAL, can someone let me know? This is my first MDK KAL!

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Excited to cast on tomorrow! I definitely want to make all the accessories asap. The sweater is aspirational but I definitely have it on the knitting bucket list.

Do you think this hat (or the mittens) can be made with Rowan Felted Tweed? I have so many colors left over from my many Felted tweed projects and would like to use them

Just received my Setesdal Hat kit from MDK. Thankyou for getting it to me in time to caston tomorrow with Arne and Carlos. So excited!

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Delighted to join the fun. For my first hat I will be busting a stash of Willow & Lark Ramble superwash wool while I await the Norwegian Wool. I find gift hats much safer to knit in superwash not knowing if the recipient will remember how to care for pure wool.

Sorry i missed the Zoom launch party live today. I had registered but lost the link. Hopefully there is a recording available so I have company when I cast on later today.

There will be a link to the recording tomorrow.


@smoffi and @leahdl I saved the chat from the zoom. Nell just posted that the link will be up tomorrow. DM me your email if you want me to send you the chat file.


I missed the zoom call too and would love a link to view it!

Hello fellow wool lovers! I’m so bummed I missed the live today. I didn’t get home in time. My youngest daughter had her honor roll awards ceremony this morning so I had to make the hard decision to skip the chat with Arne and Carlos.

I’ve planned out my colors and will be using Peer Gynt Norwegian wool. The gauge is slightly different so I’ll be sizing up in my needles. I’ve also read the hat runs small so I think sizing up in needles will be a good thing.


The link will be posted here tomorrow!

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Thank you! I was able to join on my phone, but would love the chat file as I was not able to save it. My email is

Thanks so much!

I’m excited to join this KAL! I got my yarn and the Field Guide last week, so I’m ready to start tomorrow.

I loved the zoom with Arne and Carlos today - so interesting! I can’t wait to see their other videos on the project on their podcast.