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Shawl Pins, Knitting Jewelry: What Are You Liking?

Our beloved Alice Beltran, she of the amazing Knitstrips, is at work on a new venture, CostumeJewelryHabit. We were talking with her about pins and knitting jewelry and all that, and it made us wonder what knitters like and want in this sort of thing. All thoughts welcomed!

My favourite shawl pin/stick/fastener is actually a kilt pin with a gunmetal finish.

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My favorite shawl ‘pin’ looks like a knitting needle (Brittany I think). I use it mostly to hold a vest closed because I can’t decide what direction(s?) the absolutely fabulous rectangular buttons should be sewn on. The long sides up and down or across. I button one thru the hole one way and think I’ve decided until I come back thru the house and go by it laying out and change my mind. So I use a shawl ‘pin’ in the meantime.

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I like simple shawl pins,with maybe a Celtic air to them. Long, rather than circular–in fact, my go-to for heavier wraps is an actual vintage horse blanket pin from my grandmother’s farm.

As for jewelry for knitters, I’m currently obsessed with stitch marker charm bracelets (there are a few on Etsy) and would love a similar kind of necklace.

Maybe charms with different stitch imprints? Or even “woven” stitch designs, akin to Celtic knotwork? I could so go for a seed stitch cuff…

Thank you, Sarah_W, for the feedback and great ideas :grinning:.

I’m working on some stitch markers, and agree that it’s great when they are incorporated into one’s jewelry. More on that soon!

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Stitch marker jewelry has landed Chez Alice! :grin: You will find them on knit pins and necklaces, at the link Ann provided above.

Happy New Year, All!

Hooray! \o/

Headed there now!