Stuck on Wanderlust Short-Row Heel

I’m on my first sock on two circular needles using the pattern from Field Guide #11 Wanderlust. I’m confused on the short row heel. Do I use stitch markers for the wrap & turn on each end of the row? Would I place the marker before the w&t or after? I’m asking because the repeat rows 3 & 4 states to purl or knit to 1 stitch before wrapped stitch. Why is this so confusing? :weary:
Is there a video I can watch that follows this pattern or wrap and turn style? I keep seeing German Short Rows and others mentioned. Is there a video anyone has created specific to this pattern?
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

I have found that I need to just sit and do the entire heal, or at least all the decreases or increases, at one time. I just count my stitches. I tried markers but got confused if I’d put them before or after!

So I turn the TV off and just do it. Sometimes I write it down, but usually I just think… Knit 26, wrap, turn, purl 26, wrap, turn, knit 25, wrap, turn, etc.

Sometimes I’m able to really see the wrap and turns on my needles, but I confess on #2 needles in lucky if I can tell a knit from a purl.

Once you master the two circulars needles for socks, definitely got to two at a time! Not nearly as hard as it sounds.


If you Google wrap and turn OR German short rows, YouTube videos will come up. I have been knitting for 50 years and my millennial daughter turned me on to those videos. I’ve learned SO MICH from them and I suspect you will also find them helpful. If one doesn’t work, go to the next one. There are often MANY for one topic. German Short Rows changed my life. Another heel option is Fish Lips Kiss. You can find it on Ravelry. That is also a game changer. I think it’s important to remember, just follow the directions. Don’t try to think about it too much. Good luck!!


I rely on video tutorials. The short row heel is done in Parts 1 and 2. Very helpful! Good luck!

Hey Asanto,
I personally find stitch markers really distracting, especially on such a small piece like a sock heel. Knit a sock with lighter yarn (easier to see) and look carefully how the different actions look like in your knitting - that way you can easily recognize after a little practice where your wrapped stitch is hanging out and where the next one should be. The latter depends on whether you are on the first or second half of the heel. And if you go wrong once… that can easily be fudged on the next row.