Subbing Shelter for Rowan DK Tweed?

Hi Knitters,

Can I substitute Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter for Rowan DK Tweeed? A Rowan cardigan for me is what I have in mind. First did it in Rowan DK Tweed and I love it. l However, now I want a new look and I’m not confident about subbing yarns.

Thanks for your help.

Hmm…Shelter is a Worsted and the Rowan is a DK. You’ll likely get a very, very different fabric. Can you swatch with both and see what happens.

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Hi, I think that substitution sounds reasonable, if you compare the yardage…but the only way you’ll know for sure is to swatch. Remember to measure your swatch before AND after you wash it!

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I agree that swatching with Shelter is a good idea. It’s a very unusual yarn. Also, I’d like to recommend checking out a great site -
Don’t forget to look at the Ravelry page for the particular cardigan you want to make and see what other knitters have used by clicking on the ‘Yarn Ideas’ tab.


Great ideas - thanks very much. I just learned of yarnsub and think it’ll be used regularly.

Have to purchase some Shelter first, before any swatching can be done. I appreciate your hints here. Thanks.