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Swoncho - raglan cable/yarn over area

Read the directions over and over and ripped out numerous times. Any maybe Im just not getting it. Just doesn’t look right. If there’s someone out there doing the Swoncho and wouldn’t mind taking a close up photo of the cable/yarn over area, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you so much


Well thank you for posting my request. In the meantime I think I figured it out or at least I found a “fix”. I switched the 10-stitch cable section to a 12 stitch section. So there’s now a knit, purl, purl, 6 stitch cable, purl, purl ,knit. I didn’t add anymore stitches to what was in the directions just readjusted so that i would have a knit stitch before and after the yarn over so I wouldn’t get into the problem with the purl stitch / yo transition scenario . Looks much better. It got really confusing with the directions saying work the yo in the front, and a subsequent article saying to work the yo in the back leg.

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There’s a close up in this article:

and some information on the YO’s that could be helpful.
Happy Knitting!


Thanks but I guess I need a bit more of a close up and over a longer run of knitting.

I used same idea to adjust a published pattern recently, but it’s actually possible to think of that setting of YO as a YO-and a half, and actually get the stitch to work. An extra hakf a wrap to get the yarn where it works has to happen.

That being said, I prefer bracketing YOs with the adjusted stitch, as you did. I prefer how that looks.