Simple Swancho Field Guide 18

I’m having trouble understanding the Left and Right Cable pattern. Under the Shape Yoke it only mentions rounds 1-4. When do rounds 5 & 6 come in? Also, under each Left and Right cable pattern it mentions to repeat rounds 1-16

OK. This stumped me for a bit, but after reading it through for the 3rd time I think I see the “problem.” Those rounds shaping the yoke on page 22 are different from rounds 1-16 of the cable patterns. Basically you need to work them simultaneously: Shape yoke round 1 and cable (left or right) round 1, 2 and 2, 3 and 3, 4 and 4. THEN, shape yoke round 1 (4 round repeat) and cable (left or right) round 5 (16 round repeat). This makes the increases (those pretty little eyelets that edge the cable) as well as the cables. Hope this makes sense to you. And thanks for the question. I have a Swoncho on needles right now, but it is “holding” at the yoke set-up round while I finish my Daytripper and get a start on my temperature blanket. You have saved me from puzzling over that later.

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