I seem to remember that there was a suggestion in MDK that Sylph could make a beautiful Ranunculus…has anyone done this? Any advice as to needle size and any modifications? how many skeins used?
Any advice would be so appreciated.
Susan B

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Hey Susan, my first thought would be an Advanced search on the Ranunculus projects to see if it turns up any matches for knitting with Slyph. Sorry I can’t be of any more help for you

I have done that and didn’t find anyone that posted the Sylph Ranunculus combo.
I have to admit I’m worried about the size 10 needle with this weight of yarn. I can picture it looking quite messy and uneven- I guess I will have to do a dreaded swatch!!!
Thanks for the reply.

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Do let us know if you swatch. Ranunculus + Sylph has been on my dream knits list for a long while.

Have I ever swatched? No!

There is a pic on magpie knits on face book. Looks like a fun combo.


Sooooo, I dove in to the Sylph/Ranunculus pool! Did a swatch and went down to a size 9 needle becuz it looked so sloppy. The initial cast on and rounds weren’t fun but now I’m in a groove. Will report as I go along.

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Pls post pics too!

You may want to do a bit of “block as you go” on this. A gauge that loose can go rogue pretty quickly and without warning. It’s a beautiful sweater and Sylph seems like it would be dream date for it. I’m really looking forward to seeing your progress.