The MDK Parade of Houses

Hi everyone!

Kaffe Fassett’s Village Scarf chart in Field Guide No. 16 started some of us off on a house-knitting journey. I think I made a baker’s dozen of them, which I turned into wee lavender pillows to give to friends.

Recently my passion for house motifs led me to glom onto a quilt block featuring a stripped-down house, and turn it into a knitted block: There's No Place Like House - Modern Daily Knitting

Not surprisingly, this little block sparked a lot of ideas in a lot of knitters’ brains, so I’m setting up this topic for sharing of photos and thoughts and even instructions on how to make these houses and what to do with them. All examples of knitted domestic architecture are welcome, including Kaffe’s brilliant Village house—the one that got us started.

Welcome home!



Just can’t wait to get started on my first square this evening!:heart:

Here is mine. Thank you @kay for the inspiration (or more accurately the idea I blatantly stole)! I’m sending to a friend for some embroidery.


You’re a wicked woman! I want to cast one on right now but I probably shouldn’t. Anyone want to make book on how long my self control lasts?


I’m inspired!


Thanks for the inspiration!