Kaffe Fassett: Share Your Masterpieces

Anyone else got historic images of treasured Kaffes?


Wow! What pattern is this? And what yarn did you use?

That is stuning! I have not seen this one. I particularly love the Chanel Jacket shape.

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So beautiful! I hope you wear it often.

I have one Fassett UFO and am very much on the fence about whether I’ll finish it. Leaning towards turning it into a pillow instead.

It’s Zig Zag, from the Glorious Knits book. Kay, I am shocked! You must sit down with that book at once and refresh your memory! Do not be distracted by the ballet dancer bums!


Glad you like it! It was just a mix of random scraps - and in those days novelty yarns were in vogue.

This, however, is Jamison and Smith 2 ply jumper weight. (Picture shows the back of the waistcoat.)


Love the colours in your 2 ply waistcoat, this is my 8 ply scrap yarn version, knitted in the early 90s - pattern is also from Glorious Knits, the Toothed Stripe Waistcoat.


Love it! Yours really looks like flickering flames. What a great collection that was!

This was the blue version I knitted for my younger sister. She wore it on a trip to New York - we are in the UK - and a woman in the street recognised the pattern.


Good idea! After all, a number of Kaffe’s designs were of their time in terms of shape of garment. And you can enjoy looking at it if it is a pillow. Can we see a picture of it?

Yes, I don’t think the original was that shape. I knitted it for my younger sister to wear in a business context. I’m pretty sure that I just applied the stitch chart to a pattern for a fitted jacket in a chunky weight yarn. It was certainly very warm.

Fabulous! I’ve been thinking that as fashion has evolved, these days a KF vest would be much easier to wear than a whole pullover or cardigan, especially if one lengthened the vest. The Peruvian Connection catalogue has been showcasing a couple of old KF designs remade in that style.


The pattern is China Clouds, from Rowan #28. Several of the colors were substitutes for the original and that patch of oatmeal-white is especially glaring. This is the back (minus the wide border which comes at the end).
The more I ponder things, the more I can tell that this would look much better on a couch than draping my body!


That’s lovely! If it were mine, I’d go with the pillow idea so I could enjoy looking at it more often.


That is a really complex piece of knitting. Presumably, all those outlines are also done in intarsia? Amazing.


This is so beautiful, including the “glaring” bit. I would be so proud to wear it…


i wear my China Clouds often, and get a lot of compliments from muggles all the time!


Really beautiful, what inspirational work. I’m off to check out patterns… I so don’t need another in the queue though.

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not a quick knit for sure. and the yarn has to be substituted,
i substituted most of mine.
but it was a very satisfactory project to finish!

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That is really special. I love the contrast between the complex body and the striped bands.


Some images from the trunk show held at my local spinning and weaving guild, including me meeting Kaffe at the book signing. I could think of nothing to say.