Kaffe Fassett: Share Your Masterpieces

Made this for my daughter back in the day! Now it’s mine! She invented a series of connected boxes to keep the gazillion yarns from tangling!


Reflecting your comment, my last two Kaffe projecs are a simple tunic shape using his shaded diamonds pattern,

and a vest based on his Shadowbox cushion pattern.

Yarn for each is the lovely Wollemeise 4 ply sock yarn, using up leftovers and mini skeins.


I love this! Great colors. I want one!!

What a brilliant waistcoat! I love it!

Really fresh colours. Beautiful!

It’s fantastic, and the colors just sing!

Yes, a zillion different strands per row. Which is why I haven’t returned to it after taking a “break”.

Thankyou! I’m not sure how the Lounge communications function… but I wanted to say thanks for enjoying my sweater!

thank you! the colors are much more vivid than in the original, and i really like that, as this is not a subtle project

I love that catalog. Not cheap, but gorgeous stuff and well made generally.

I met him once at a book signing in NYC. Super friendly and down to earth. I still have not attempted one of his patterns, but I enjoy looking at them and thinking about it!

This was my all-time favourite Kaffe design - the Pompeii jacket. I wore it to death. I also knitted it in dark, sparkly colours. I wore that one to the 1988 exhibition of Kaffe’s work at the V&A. It was the most fun to stand alongside a museum case wearing something like the item within it.


I’ll have to take a picture of my China Clouds, too. Every time I wear it, I get complements. It’s my favorite sweater. Yours is really pretty!!


What yarn did you use. I LOVE this!

thank you!
I had 3 shades of the DK tweed, for the rest I used Rowanspun.
Which i should have used double but did not realize at the time, so ended up with making a lining.
all good fun, and it worked out well. Here are some of the details

I like your colors so much. You did an amazing job. It’s gorgeous.

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thank you, you are too kind!

Info, please, about the connected boxes!

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I can’t post a picture of the yarn box contraption as it is long gone! But basically my daughter velcroed 5 smallish cardboxes together and cut a hole in the cover of each box for the yarn to feed through. Simple and effective! If the yarns did by chance still get in a tangle… the boxes could come apart to remedy the situation!


Clever! I can’t manage more than two balls at a time. This might be the solution.