Turnstile Wrap Knitalong

Woot! Woot! I will post my official happy dance soon!


I finally made it to RIGHT FRONT. But my count is 66 back stitches and 36 for separate RIGHT SHOULDER. Totalling 102 NOT100.

Where did I go wrong? Can I make this count work?


Oh, gosh! If you haven’t already moved on, I would just take a look at how the pattern repeat matches at the join of the 2 sections, and if you need to decrease to make that matchy - I’d do an SSK at the end of the first section, and a K2tog at the beginning of the 2nd, reducing to 100 stitches.
Don’t hesitate to include a photo or further questions, of course.

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Nell, thanks for the reply! I don’t understand how, but it all worked out. I am not clear on why the pattern says there should be 100 but it stated that there should be 66 on the back and if you follow the instructions for the right front, there should be 36. Those two totaled = 102. But in any case, I finished and there was not a problem! Who knows and i am not questioning! :). Thanks again


Excellent, and congratulations. Enjoy your new wrap!

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Alright I am so late back to this party but I have (mostly) finished things with deadlines so I will be back onto this soon! Congrats to our winners :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this!

Nancy, I ran into the same problem, and I was so glad you posted about it, so that I knew not to panic! Mine also worked out, but I was glad that someone else had the same issue as I did. Thank you for posting, it’s deeply appreciated over here!

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Months after y’all, I have finally finished my wrap.