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Karidalong! We're knitting Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings

We’re knitting the projects from Karida Collins’s new Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings.

Read all about the knitalong details [right here].

And the yarns for these designs are all from Karida’s Neighborhood Fiber Co. We’ve got Organic Studio merino in four different weights. Have a peek at her saturated, amazing colors here.

All yarns are welcome, of course!


Starting garter mitts. Doing two at a time so identical


Looks kinda like a bikini top I used to have😉


I’m in! It’s going to Mittfest 2021 in my house!


I’m getting ready to cast on the cowlette in colorway Bolton Hill.


I think I will jump in on the mitts. Like the idea of two at a time. Then I will do either the swoncho or the pullover.


I’m knitting away on the Swoncho and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on adjusting the yoke depth based on height. I’m 5’ 2" so I typically shorten the length of sweaters and I’m trying to figure out how best to adjust the Swoncho for my height. Should I split for the sleeves earlier? Should the sleeves begin at a certain point on the arm, ie, at the elbow, right below the elbow? Once I figure out the sleeve split, I will try on and adjust the length from sleeve split to hem. Thanks!

Brilliant. I wish I had thought of that!!

I’m in with the Everyday Cowlette using Canton colorway. My first time using Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn; it’s yummy!


I think that the thing to consider is that the width of the poncho part will stop widening when you hold the sleeves. And that it’s not really a yoke, per se. : )

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Yarn for my Debut Pullover finally came today! Love the color! I have a couple of questions:

  1. Yarn is machine washable. The skeins are tied with white string and the color has run onto them. Will it run in the washer? How about on clothing under the sweater?
  2. It recommends knitting with 2 skeins at once as each skein is unique. Are you doing that?
  3. The pattern is a bottom up design. I really prefer top down. Is anyone knitting it that way? Does the yoke stitch pattern work doing that?


We’re knitting with the same color! Really loving it.

I’ve knit with Karida’s yarns for years now and never had an issue with dye transfer or bleeding.

I can’t speak to machine washing, because I’ve never in my life machine washed a handknit sweater–too much time put into a sweater to risk something happening to it in a washing machine! ; ) I just soak mine in the sink with some wool wash, then spread it out to dry.

Re changing the pattern to knit it from the top down: I don’t really know how the yoke pattern would work if you start from the top. What I love about the pattern as written is that the sleeves come first, and that’s my least favorite part of a sweater–so getting them out of the way first is such a great thing.


I guess we Anns have similar taste! I do like starting with sleeves as they can be used as a swatch in the round. Are you alternating skeins? I would love to do both sleeves at the same time but if I do that and use 2 skeins per alternating them, it means dealing with 4 skeins at once! Eek!

You know, I never do that alternating-skeins thing! For me, a hand-dyed yarn is all about the variation and uniqueness of each skein, so I have sweaters that have pretty noticeable color shifts when I start a new skein. Also: I’m superlazy and don’t relish fooling with multiple balls of yarn! If you’re wanting to minimize color shifting from skein to skein, you should alternate skeins. You’ll still get color shifts, but it will look more like subtle stripes than larger blocks of color.


First time starting with the sleeves for me and I love it! I’ve already made an alteration in the size I will knit from trying on the sleeve and finding it too snug. I’m using the Addi Flex Flips or Crazy Trio, depending on where I bought them. I really like them, very easy for me and feels more natural.


I have cast on the Everyday Cowlette, what instant gratification! Using Malabrigo Chunky but the two skeins are noticeably different, so…alternating skeins every row, still an easy knit.


I’m obsessing slightly over hat size since it will be a gift for the son’s girlfriend, matching the scarf I made her for graduation in her college colors. . .
Is there a suggestion for measured human head circumference vs knitted measurement circumference in the pattern?

Such a yummy color!! :heart:

I, too, found the sleeves very narrow and checked gauge…it was 6 st/inch instead of 5. Has anyone blocked this yarn? Does it change? Before I frogged, I switched to sz 5 needle and got the pattern’s gauge of 5 st/inch.

When you block projects, do they stay the same size? This isn’t superwash, which tends to that. I was getting 6 st/inch with sz 4 needle so am starting over with 5 needles & getting 5/“.