Valdres pullover question

The Valdres pullover from field guide #23, says to start the neck shaping when the armholes are a specific measurement. I’m confused how and where to measure the armholes for a bottom up raglan sweater. Please help!

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Hi Kathy,
Let me know if you need more information on this than I have emailed to you! Nell

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Would love to know your answer to this question on the Valdres pullover! I’m wondering the same thing myself


I’ve DM’d you!

The answer is a question - is your knitting to the row/round gauge?

If yes, then refer to the schematic on page 15, which gives you an armhole depth and a point on your body to measure your desired length.

If your row/round gauge is off then you’ll need to do some math to see how deep your armhole, as written, will truly be. Then you’ll have a point of reference for the body depth.

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I am happy to help you.

Happy Knitting, Nell

I tried to make my own thread about this and it didn’t go through, so I thought I might jump in here since it appears the original question got answered.
I am soon to start the Valdres Pullover for my sister and I’m a bit confused by the colors. In this post Valdres Pullover: Getting Started – Modern Daily Knitting (and every official photo of the sweater) it seems like there are seven colors: Ribbon Red, Peat, Vanilla Custard, Daphne, Gold Nugget, Frost Pink, and Wind Chime. Although we’re actually planning on doing it in technicolor jewel tones in another DK weight yarn, that subtle shift from the cream of Vanilla Custard to the white of Wind Chime is part of what we loved about it (and we have some ideas for pairs of colors that could pull that off in our technicolor scheme).
The pattern, though, alongside all the ravelry projects I found, only calls for six colors. The Wind Chime is nowhere to be found. Does anyone have experience making the 7-color version that seems pictured? How much Vanilla Custard and Wind Chime were used?

I’m looking into this, but my initial thought is that it was a dyelot issue/resolution as the pattern was written for 6 colors from the very first draft.
There is no reason not to make that change for your own sweater, although it would be difficult to estimate yardage.

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I made the 6 color version, not 7, but I will say I was disappointed in the fit across the bust. It is definitely a male sweater or small boob sweater so I encourage you to plan accordingly.

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Yes! I also had that issue - incredibly tight around the boob area! :rofl: I have since ripped it all down to the color change portion and am reknitting with larger needles. Hoping I have enough yarn.

You have more patience than I! I decided to pass it to a much smaller son in law :woozy_face:

Took out all the color work, redid on larger needles, and now it fits. Didn’t get all the black color work done as I ran out of black yarn but proceeded with just white and now it fits. :blush::+1:t3:


Looks great!

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It looks great.