Vogue Knitting Live NYC Feb 2023

Hi y’all! Who’s going to VKL in a couple weeks? I see that MDK is a sponsor, but I don’t know what that means exactly…booth? Meetups? I would sure love to meet some fellow MDK fans!

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Hi Holly! Kay and I will definitely be at VKL. We’re going to be doing two Q & As with Joji Locatelli, the fabulous designer of Field Guide No. 22: Grace. One is at the Saturday night dinner, and the second is Sunday morning at 10:30 on the stage of the VKL marketplace. Hope to see you there! We won’t have a booth, we just wander around flapping our handknits and saying hi to every single person in the place.


Hooray! I will make sure to track you down and say hi.


Is it open to the public? I work across the street and would love to attend!!!

I’m so excited to be going to VKL again!!! It will be fun!!!

It is open, but is ticketed VKLNYC2023

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Ticket based, but definitely a public weekend. Here’s all the info!


Finally getting back into the Lounge! I went to VKL and loved it. I always look for you but our paths have not crossed yet :blush: the site looks fabulous!

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