Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2019

Hi everyone. I’m going to my first Vogue Knitting Live in New York City. I don’t have a ton of time to be there unfortunately. Question: how do you find an individual vendor? For example Brooklyn General Store? Any other advice for negotiating the Marketplace?


Hooray! You are going to have a blast. Grab a map of the Marketplace when you check in–it shows all the vendor locations.

And I hope our paths will cross! Kay and I will be signing Field Guides and generally saying hi at two times:

Friday, Jan. 25, 6-7 pm: Periwinkle Sheep booth. Hand dyer Karin Maag-Tanchak created a special palette of her Merino DK just for MDK, and she’ll have samples of that and all her other beautiful yarns.

Saturday, Jan. 26, noon-1 pm: Knitty City booth. Pearl Chin’s shop is Kay’s local yarn store, so it’s a special treat to get to see Pearl Chin and her crew. She always has a ton of yarn, really great stuff.


I will definitely try to say hi on Saturday at the Knitty City booth. Glad to here I can get a booth map.

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Hi there!
Last year was my first VKL at the Marriott, so here is my advice:
#1 carry as little as possible IN to the show, the handouts, samples pile up quickly
#2 bring a LARGE empty tote
#3 dress in comfortable shoes and in layers, there are 2 floors and last year the lower floor was absolutely STIFLING, my hand knits came off quickly and went into the tote.
#4 Bring in your own snacks to keep up your strength and be prepared for EXPENSIVE refreshment/food. Why spend money on eats when there is SO MUCH YARN?


Thanks. This really is good advice.–Maybe I’ll just wear a little kerchief!

Is it necessary to buy tickets for the marketplace in advance?

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There is a vendor map, buried in the show guide you can download here

It’s deep in the guide, about 3 and 4 pages from the end, so scroll all the way through past the class listings and you’ll see it AFTER the hotel map, but before the list of sponsors with all the logos in full flag. It’s a two floor marketplace, so it can be a little disorienting. Brooklyn General is on the 5th floor in the back right corner. The fifth floor is the one that does NOT have the stage, or the Vogue Knitting booth right inside the door. I always get a little confused about which floor I am on, but maybe that’s just me.

Have a blast, however brief!


Yes I just found the guide on the VKL website this a.m. --Thanks for these specific cues. I am totally capable of getting entirely turned around. Back right corner, eh? Sounds like I’ll have to be careful not to succumb to the lotus-eaters or the sirens’ call as I journey across the hall. Really lots of fun to anticipate.