Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2018: The Highlight Reel

Holy cow that was fun!!! Cold as (fill in the blank) but fun! Who was your favorite old vendor (Knitty City!)? Who was your favorite new vendor (Lady Dye! Brooklyn Haberdashery!)? What did you see? Who did you see? Share the love! Lot’s of pictures to come as soon as I find the phone cord.

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Ann, I’m sending this to NASA for enhancement. We had a little eye candy stroll through the party.

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Thank you so much for sharing your photos! My sister and I had such a fun time - we couldn’t stay too long - toooo much fun all weekend long.

IMG_1897The Marvelous Mr. West!

IMG_1895I am so grateful to Meg Swansen for not calling security. My inner nerdy fan girl flag was flying high!

I love this picture - who wouldn’t want to be at that table? And I especially love Ann’s lap-full of tote-full of knitting!