Shakerag Knitting Getaway 2022

When you left Sewanee, did you wish for just one more day to talk and laugh and knit and eat Chef Caroline’s wonderful food? You’ll have to bake your own Rosemary Olive Oil Shortbread, but we can talk and laugh and knit on Zoom. The next monthly Shakerag Zoom will be at 3 p.m. Central Daylight Time on July 9 (NOT July 2 because of the holiday weekend).
Meeting ID: 952 564 414
Passcode 269764
We met weekly during the pandemic, but dropped back to monthly as people got busier. If someone would like to host more sessions or add a different time, we can discuss that.
Mark your calendar and get ready to Zoom!


Pennie, I wished for 365 more days to talk and laugh and knit and eat Chef Caroline’s wonderful food! There wasn’t enough time to visit with all the people that I wanted to. Which, for the record, was ALL the people but especially the ones that I’ve met on zoom. I’ve been wandering around like a lost puppy looking for a long table full of ever changing bowls, platters, and treats and I can’t seem to find a magic bench anywhere in Yonkers. I had so many “favorite spots” but, magic bench - I miss you most of all. There are no peeping frogs here!! The air just smells like air here!! I haven’t seen a single piece of Alabama Chanin clothing since I got home!! No one wants to teach me anything!! How will I survive?

I spoke to a few people while I was there who mentioned that Saturday is a really hard time for zoom for them. I will happily set up an open zoom (you only need the password - the host doesn’t need to be there) on Wednesday evenings. It’s how my local knitting group has been meeting and it works very well. If I set it to open at 5 pm EST then keep it open for the whole night, there’s plenty of time for folks from all over the country to come and go as they please.

P.S. When I got home Saturday night (which had already been a bit of an adventure), there was not one single young adult with a golf cart to haul my luggage around and to have a good chat with. It was awful.


Here’s a Wednesday zoom.

Meeting ID: 825 2621 9225
Passcode: 123456

It is set to open at 5 pm EST and to stay open until midnight EST. I will be there this Wednesday for the earlier hours.

I know not everyone comes to The Lounge so when we get the contact list I will forward it to everyone on the list. Does anyone know when that normally comes?


Pennie also posted hers to the knitting getaway group on Ravelry, you might try that too. Eventually word will get around.

Great idea! I just went over and posted it there.

@pennie.boyett I have no idea what happened to your name in my first post. I must have hit a rogue a or m (or both) and it auto-corrected. It has been fixed.


Curse you, auto-correct!!
Have you posted to Shakeragettes? I don’t know when we will get the contact list. In the past, we got it while we were still there. It may take until after the workshops are over. (Now that I’ve said that, maybe it will instantly appear in my inbox.)


Shakerag Zoom tomorrow!!
Pennie Boyett is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting at 3 p.m. Central Time, Saturday, July 9.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 952 564 414
Passcode: 269764


Thanks for the reminder Pennie! I will try to get home in time.


Hi everyone! Just a reminder that zoom will be available for anyone who wants to drop in starting at 5 pm EST. I should be around for most of the evening so I’ll leave myself logged in but it is set up so I don’t need to be there to host it. It will work regardless.

Now that we have the contact list, I will try to get an email to everyone to make sure no one is left out.

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I need to set an alarm, Karen!!
Thanks for doing this. x Nell

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Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that zoom is open tonight. I will be home until about 5:40 but then will be heading out to dinner.

Monthly Shakerag Reunion is at 3 p.m. CST Saturday, Dec. 3.
ID 952 564 414
Passcode 269764
See you there!!