What Do You Do with Knitted Ghosts from the Past?

Hello there!

I concider myself a rather new knitter, though I am coming close to my ten year knitaversary. (I should celebrate with a big yarn haul, shouldnt I?) And at the beginning of my knitting career (the first 4-5 years maybe…) I knitted a lot of stuff that does not really fit, or is not flattering at all, or have weird colors.
I was a impulse knitter then. Everything was new and shiny. I had no idea what gauge was, or positive or negative ease. My aproach to knitting was carefree. I knitted with fun colors, fun patterns.

I may be a bit more boring knitter now, I knit with more neutral colors, and a garments ease is often the first thing i check. But by doing so I have built a knitted garment wardrobe that I am proud of, with things I know I feel confident in.

But what do I do with all that stuff I made before the new and improved knitting me? Do I frog the white cardigan that lacks a buttonhole and has too short sleeves? Not to mention that I dont even wear white! What do I do with the vest in bulky yarn, that make me look like I gained 20 kilos everytime I use it? What do i do with the mint green (oh my, mint green…) lace scarf that just hangs there? My list goes on!
All those stitches have memories! I remember the show I binge watched when forgetting that buttonhole, I remember the trip I went on when I bought that mint green yarn.

Should I just get my sentimental me together and frog, or should I store it in boxes for my grandchildren to look at. (they be like "seriously grandma? Mint green?!)


Is is wool? I have turned old and/or unloved knitting into felt, which can then be used as material for something new. Something as simple as a hotpad for the countertop or cozy mats or beds for cats, to panels sewn together into boxes. I like the idea of making something useful out of something that was living in a drawer and getting no love.


Also it it’s wool you could dye it or over dye. Your would then have useful things, yarn to re-knit and your memories.

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As a newer knitter to garments I made many on size 10 or 11 needles and bulky yarn. I realized they were to warm to wear. My husband donated them to a local homeless shelter. At least I know someone might be able to get use of them.


I love that idea! Thank you! Some of it is wool. I will look through the garments and have a felting day!

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It’s a lot more fun when you’re doing it on purpose :slight_smile:


I’ve done a few things. If it is a complete item that you simply don’t wear anymore, you can donate it to a charitable organization that accepts used clothing. I’ve also given completed projects to friends who have admired them and to which I am not particularly attached – usually shawls or hats. I’ve ripped out and started over, in fact, one particular sweater (poor yarn choice for the design) was ripped and reknit into a much more usable sweater which I happen to be wearing today.

I have one longstanding WIP that I am contemplating sacrificing by fire because I am so frustrated with it and suspect it is unsalvageable at this point.


I’m in the give-away camp. Several ill fitting sweaters went to the Goodwill. After 10 years, I feel like I’m also still learning, but getting better at judging what I like, if the gauge is going to work with the yarn I chose, etc. I just can’t bring myself to frog an entire project once it’s done. I do have one child size sweater currently in time out for a myriad of reasons that I am going to frog. Luckily the intended recipient (my 8-year old son), loves to “unknit” which makes the process more bearable.


I threw out a sweater to awful to seam together. Don’t leave it for the grandchildren to throw it. Be brave! Donate or toss now. Its very liberating and I highly recommend it. You don’t just free space in your home, you free it in your brain, too.


Yes, I agree that it is liberating. Let someone else enjoy it if you aren’t.

I confess to have great difficulty in parting from something I handknit.
I sometimes even “rescue” handknits from thrift stores, because I feel bad for whoever knitted them!

I have frogged and recycled yarn for a bunch of my old projects. And I have given some items to people who fit them better than me.

I have also found that items I had boxed away 10 years ago, now I want to wear again, maybe with some mods like taking in the sleeves.

But it is a problem, all these knitted ghosts…

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